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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BiasSync?

With a purpose to create more fair and respectful workplaces, BiasSync is the first science-based assessment and development software solution designed to help organizations reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias. It pairs online assessments of unconscious bias and related cognitive processes in individuals with interactive, video-based professional development content to educate employees and ultimately mitigate the impact of bias.

Why is it important for organizations to assess unconscious bias across their employee base, versus simply providing training?

Unconscious bias assessments, combined with assessments that measure a company’s ability to address potential personnel issues, provide organizations with data-based insights for taking a more prescriptive approach to understanding and mitigating bias across all levels of a company. It’s an important first step to achieving a company’s desired diversity and inclusion goals and helping to create a more fair, inclusive and effective workplace.

What are the costs of NOT addressing bias in an organization?

Unconscious bias experts and myriad studies show that companies that are doing poorly with respect to gender and racial bias experience:

  • • High turnover rates
  • • Low morale
  • • Lower profitability
  • • Less innovation
  • • Legal risk
  • • Reputational and PR risk
  • • Less effective teams

What are unconscious biases?

Unconscious biases, also known as hidden biases or implicit biases, are hidden within a blind spot of the brain. These biases guide our behavior without our being aware of their role. Once lodged in the brain, based on what an individual has experienced or been exposed to in life, hidden biases can influence behavior toward members of particular social groups, such as women, minorities, people of certain religions, people of certain ages, and more. Having an implicit bias doesn’t mean a person is bad. These biases are normal - each and every person around the world has them. It is a universal issue.

What is the science behind BiasSync?

BiasSync’s proprietary methodology behind its unconscious bias assessments is based on well-validated, academically-developed measurement tools. The measures found in the company’s cognitive assessments are based on pre-existing scientific research that have a proven track record of realizing actionable data on individual and group rates of unconscious bias, as well as other factors that affect an organization’s ability to address those biases.

What do employees receive after completing the assessment?

Once completing an assessment, individual BiasSync users receive a report summarizing their assessment results, including a visual analysis of the individual’s baseline biases and information to help users better understand and interpret their results. Additionally, employees are assigned professional development courses designed to help employees learn how to best mitigate these specific biases.

What do employers receive after each employee assessment?

After the completion of the employee assessments, organizations receive a SyncScore report, a summary of the company-wide aggregate measure of unconscious bias and related factors. BiasSync also provides a detailed dashboard which allows HR professionals and company executives to break down specific factors around bias and analyze it by groups, such as departments, divisions or teams. No identifiable, individual-level employee data is reported back to the company. All employee assessments are kept anonymous, and individual results are only made known to the employee.

Who should participate in the bias assessment?

Employees across all levels of an organization should undertake the BiasSync program. It’s BiasSync’s opinion that every single employee must participate in order to effectively create fair and respectful workplaces.

What differentiates BiasSync from other bias assessment and training solutions?

BiasSync is the first and only workplace solution that combines current scientific research on unconscious bias with a measurement for individual and company-wide levels of unconscious bias and key associated measures. BiasSync is also the only unconscious bias data application that integrates primary scientific knowledge from experts in the field in a large-scale commercial application.

What types of organizations should use BiasSync?

Any organization with at least 250 employees that cares about addressing unconscious bias, creating a better culture, and wants to achieve diversity and inclusion objectives. We work with companies, educational institutions, government agencies and other large organizations that want to become better workplaces.

Not just diversity. Inclusion.

Diversity is not just about numbers. It’s about people’s experiences in the workplace. If you’re ready to understand how bias impacts your company—with data to make effective changes, contact us now.