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Conscious management of unconscious bias

BiasSync is a science-based solution designed to help organizations more effectively assess and manage unconscious bias in the work environment. Our purpose is to create more fair and respectful workplaces.

Better measuring for better managing.

Our advanced bias assessment tools give managers an accurate, comprehensive, and quantitative view of bias and associated personality measures across the entire organization.

Educational. Entertaining. Effective.

Created by Emmy® Award-winning producers and experts in the field, our professional development content helps individuals understand unconscious bias, how it works, and provides useful guidance on how to mitigate its impact in the workplace.


Benchmark data


Scientific tools

Mitigation strategies

Professional development

“With BiasSync, we’re not just transforming how people talk -- but also how they think and feel.”

Dr. Mark Goulston
M.D., Bestselling author

Not just diversity. Inclusion.

Diversity is not just about numbers. It’s about people’s experiences in the workplace. If you’re ready to understand how bias impacts your company—with data to make effective changes, contact us now.